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Do You Have the Virus?

Do you wake up obsessing about your body or weight, instead of what you have to offer to others, or the world?

Life is all about growth & it happens much easier if we detox our thoughts & beliefs. If we have toxic beliefs around our body, life & nutrition, it acts like a virus that’ll penetrate & take over our mental space. 

Here’s some examples of viral toxic thoughts: “I’ll be happy when I lose weight.” “Food makes me fat.” “There’s something wrong with me because I’m overweight.” “Food is the enemy.” “I can’t enjoy life/dating/wearing a swimsuit/playing sports/etc if I’m overweight.” “The best way to lose weight is to eat less & exercise more.” “My diet must be perfect.” “The reason I eat too much is a lack of willpower.” “Fat in food equals fat on my body.”

So…do you have the virus?

Liberate yourself from toxic nutritional beliefs. Your life energy doesn’t come from how you look, or how perfect your meal was nutritionally. When self-acceptance is added to the belief system, the virus of toxic thoughts begins to be pushed out, which frees up more of your life energy. The healing can begin from there. 

Does this information resonate with you? Have you identified some toxic thoughts about food, body or life that you have?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. 

Also, if you’d like help healing from this virus, please push the ‘make an appointment’ button on my website page & ask for a consult, to see if my guidance would support your journey.

Until next time…embody your potential!

Can You Become the Mom You Never Had?…To Yourself or To Your Kids?

You may wonder, ‘What does that even mean?’ Well, something I learned early on, was that my mom totally loved me, but she had these limitations that kept getting in the way of her mothering me in the way that I needed.

So as I grew up, & went thru my own personal work, I began to forgive my mom for those limitations. Then I started my own family.

When I had my daughters, I knew I was going to learn from my mom’s mistakes what NOT to do, cuz’ I didn’t want to repeat them. I was very clear in my mind about what I didn’t want to do…but I wasn’t clear about what TO DO.

I didn’t have a role model necessarily, to look at either. I remember thinking, “Well, I have to become my own role model. How do I do that? How do I become the mom I never had?”

I kept going back to my own inner child, cuz I’d done some of that therapeutic work, & I would ask her for clues. In each & every situation I came to where I didn’t know what to do, except for the old ways that she saw, I would ask her, “Right here, in this situation, what would YOU WANT?” I was dialoguing with her, as if she were another person.

That’s how I learned to mother my own daughters. I MOTHERED FROM HER WANTS. My little girl knew exactly what she wanted, & when I took the time to slow myself down & listen to her, she had the answers & then I could experiment, use what she taught me with my daughters & watch the results.

Basically I ended up watching them thrive. I watched them have the kind of childhood that I wish I could’ve had, which sent me, of course, into a whole new cycle of having to grieve for that young part of me that never had it…at the same time as it was healing ❤️‍🩹 me.

Some say ‘that’s giving from an empty tank’, but I was actually giving from my wants & desires.

Somehow as long as I let the grief come up & out, it became fuel. It fueled me & it gave me even more motivation as I saw them thrive, to just continue healing myself, thru mothering from my wants.

These days I honor my daughters as incredible adults, & yet I still mother myself based on my wants & needs.

I also love doing this coaching work, because this is something I can bring to my clients. There’s so much of the coaching experience that is re-parenting (check out my other blog on that).

It’s such a joy to help others learn to listen to what that little child inside of them longed for in the past, & give it to themselves now. There’s so much healing in that!

How does this information affect you? Does it resonate with you? I’d love to hear in the comments below. Also, I know how valuable guidance was/is on my journey. Please push the ‘make an appointment’ button & ask for a consult, to see if my guidance would support your journey.

Until next time…embody your potential!

If the Answers Are Inside, Why Do I Need Help?

Have you ever heard, ‘The answers are all inside of you. All you have to do is listen”? I know I’ve heard that a million times & it got me wondering why all these courses, coaches & influencers say I need to purchase help from them, if I’ve already got all the answers. Am I the only one who’s wondered this?

Well, I wanted to share the answer to this question,…& guess where I found it? 😜 That’s right…it was inside of me. Hahaa. But on a more serious note (not that I enjoy being serious for very long…only when its helpful, or my inner child is triggered & I feel the need to control everything…which happens 🤷🏼‍♀️)…back to the point…I have a reframe for this idea, that you might want to try on.

I think of it like a helpful doctor who really supports you through a challenging time. They recognize how important their role is as an expert in their field, while knowihg that all the healing power dwells inside of your body. The body knows what to do, when the injury, disease or health challenge is removed, or at least improved. Your body may need that guidance & support to get on that healing track tho.

So sometimes our mental, emotional or spiritual injuries or challenges need some guidance or support before we can get on the healing or growth track & then be able to begin the process of learning to listen to the answers that are already in there.

How does this land for you? Do you have another way of looking at it that works for you? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below. Also, if you’re interested in a guide, feel free to reach out to see if what I offer can support you.

Until next time…embody your potential!


To reparent yourself this way, is a gift you give yourself. Maybe you didn’t hear these needed words enough when you were a little one. It’s not too late. As an adult you have the choice now to become the parent to yourself that you always needed. All the cells in your body & your nervous system will feel ease & rebalance if you consistently nurture yourself.  Your health will really benefit from it! Give it a try and let me know if you need guidance. I’d love to support you and hear how you reparent yourself. What have you tried?

Be A Self-Care Activist

Self-care is the greatest form of activism today, in a world that disempowers us to believe we can’t trust our bodies and need to control and rely on medication. Commit everyday to a level of self-care that actually feels uncomfortable. Reconfigure your schedule. Make room for it in your lifestyle. Detox, meditate, have high integrity around food intake, have fun, enjoy community, pleasure and sexuality.  Then intuition and responsiveness to life will show up, instead of auto-pilot and reaction. It’s not reasonable to think we don’t have to take care of this organism and then expect high performance. It’s time to be an activist for yourself and show others it’s necessary to like yourself,  not doubt yourself – letting others profit off that, like pharmaceutical companies and the diet industry.

Feeling Lost?

Over 60 million Americans are on a diet. If low-calorie diets worked, they would’ve worked already. Have you heard this common nutritional myth, “The best way to lose weight is to eat less and exercise more”?

Try something different, that’s more sustainable, like working with an Eating Psychology Coach to address your issues with food and body, that quite possibly have nothing to do with food and body. You may feel lost at first, but it feels good when you’re with a guide that helps you go in the right direction. #embody #eatingpsychologycoach #guide #diet #nutrition #bodyimage #food #exercise #eatlessmovemore

Slow Down Diet Group Coaching Program

The Slow Down Diet: A 4-Week Group Coaching Program
Eating for Pleasure, Energy & Weight Loss
Wednesdays 1:30-2:45pm, Wisdom Flow Studio, Pukulani, Maui, Hawaii
Oct 18 & 25, Nov 1 & 8
Join us for this transformational 4-week workshop series.
Learn how slowing down and other nutritional strategies will help you:
· Explore your unique connection to food
· Increase energy
· Shed excess pounds
· Transform and improve metabolism
· Feel rejuvenated and inspired
· Practice key breathing techniques to optimize the body and mind
· Enhance digestion
· Let go of diet deprivation and restriction
· Let go of fears, guilt, and old habits
This program is based on the breakthrough book, The Slow Down Diet, by Marc David. You are reading specific sections between meetings and together we are exploring exercises and sharing our processes.

Facilitating a group discussion format, Taunya and Jessica are supporting you through life changing strategies so you can finally enjoy sustainable health, happiness and weight loss.
Workshop includes:
· 4 inspiring and educational 75-minute group coaching sessions
· Private Facebook group for additional support
*Participants will need a copy of The Slow Down Diet book.
*Additional times and locations available upon request.
To register, please reach out here or email: UnlimitedEmbodyment@gmail.com
Excited to be on this journey with you!

Retail Therapy

Yes, I went shopping 🛍& while looking at my bags, I thought 💭, ‘Interesting, cuz when we’re in the GAP, that space of uncertainty, where you’ve left what you know & you’re in the unknown, instead of giving into fear, we can GUESS what may happen next, & use our imagination to create the best possible scenario in our minds, which can become a magnet for that outcome, or something better even. What a great use of our minds – a tool that can work for us, IF we learn to use it well. #embody #gap #guess #uncertainty #imagination #eatingpsychologycoach #mentalfitness